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Through individualized coaching sessions participants focus on areas they currently feel stuck and unable to make positive progress. Areas of focus may include stress, parenting, structure, anxiety, time management, conquering self-limiting beliefs, sticking with healthy habits, and more. Participants work with a Certified Professional Coach who operates from a solution-focused platform while bringing together brain science, human behavior, trauma-informed care, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and research.

Participants may expect to:

  • Engage in up to six, 45-minute coaching sessions over the phone
  • Receive follow-up emails with individualized action plans
  • Participate in coaching activities and fieldwork
  • Access thought-provoking and motivational information
  • Join monthly on-line workshops
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"I’ve bragged about [coaching] to my family because there has been so much weight lifted out of my body that my communication has gotten better; I’m not as prone to quick anger bouts, I don’t feel guilty when I speak my truth and I’m ACTUALLY looking forward to the future instead of being afraid of it."

Tenaya Jager

"Because of coaching, my life is getting cleaner."


"When Jefferson first called, I didn't want the coaching because I had never worked with a male lead before. So, I was nervous to work with him at first, however once we finally talked he showed understanding, kindness and is very easy to open up to. He makes you feel comfortable and safe sharing about yourself. Our work has helped me with self-trust, to trust my decisions and not constantly second guess myself. The coaching gave me room and more access to be myself. Little things he said helped me in big ways. In working with Jefferson I have gained a source of trust in myself that allows me to connect better with others. I am very happy I overcame my fears of working with a male because Jefferson gave me insight and inspiration that will last my lifetime. Working together was a life changer and I am ever so grateful."


"I was on a path of uncontrollable despair when Satya entered my life. Over the next several weeks, I was able to open-up in an environment of empathy, validation, and impeccable listening skills. She provided me several tools that I could continue to explore the issues and come to a place of acceptance, understanding, along with personal development. Satya’s ability to really listen to the underlying issues, provide analogies that paralleled those issues and allow me to see a relationship through another set of eyes was priceless. Satya has guided me back to a place in my life that makes sense and is manageable. I am incredibly grateful to Satya and her skillful abilities. She is my Angel!"


"There are not enough words to explain how much Tiffany has helped me. I have struggled with mental health most of my life with little understanding of why. Tiffany has helped me understand my brain more than any other professional I have ever seen. She has taught me how to see the world different and retrain my brain to look for more positive things. I've been able to express myself and to be heard in a safe judge free space for the first time in my life. She has taught me so many skills to keep moving through life. I look forward to our sessions. I look forward to what I will learn next. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help with their next steps. I wish I could have her forever but unbelievably grateful for my time with her."


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