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Who is this for:

Early Childhood Educators, Childcare Service Providers, Families access Childcare and Early Childhood Education. This E3 Series opportunity is specific to Jackson and Josephine Counties in Southern Oregon.


We invite you to participate in a special and limited educational offering to help you create energy and success within your early learning program through our six-part series and/or Individual Coaching.

This service comes in both cohort and individual level support.

Empower Early Education (E3) Series:

This E3 (Empowering Early Education) cohort series challenges you to reinvigorate and refresh yourself to better support the families and children with whom you work. We all know that social emotional health and competence is key to children thriving.  It’s key for adults as well.  It’s vital to take the time to fill our own cups so we have enough to offer support and care to so many.  Self-discovery and thoughtful reflection will strengthen your approach to your program and to yourself.  Each E3 completer will also have access to up to three, confidential coaching sessions with an Empower Certified Professional Coach, allowing your work to go even deeper.  This professional development series of 6, one-hour sessions, along with individual coaching will earn 6-hours in PPLD for the Oregon Registry. More importantly, this work will assist with your own resilience so that you are fully present, grounded, and making the most of the early learning opportunities you provide.

Outcomes and Benefits Include:


  • Profound self-discovery
  • Consciousness surrounding personal triggers
  • Balanced response to personal triggers
  • Deeper connection to child
  • Access to tools that supports anchoring balanced response
  • More effective communication with child
  • Participation in the cohort will earn 6 hours of Personal, Professional, and Leadership Development (PPLD) ORO credits. Credit will be submitted to ORO (Oregon Registry Online) after all sessions are completed.
  • Cohort completers earn a $50 gift card.

Individual Coaching:

  • Enhanced self-exploration and growth
  • Better risk management
  • Increased productivity
  • More job satisfaction
  • Greater flexibility and resiliency
  • Higher self-awareness
  • Increased goal attainment
  • Greater ability to be solution-focused


Quality Child Care and Early Education plays a key role in the health and stability of our workforce development system.  Supporting the service provider professionals within this industry and families accessing care is vital to providing safe, supportive, and highly functioning child care centers and in-home facilities.  Over the past two years, the pandemic has had serious impacts on children and their families.  Young children have dealt with major upheaval in their lives, parental unemployment, food insecurity, housing insecurity, illness, and even death as Covid has torn through the country.  Returning to school or care brings great benefits to children but will also bring a host of challenging behaviors as children struggle to come to terms with the stress and trauma they have and are experiencing.

Oregon is working on a tiered support system for children in the classroom (and their families) to meet the state requirement of no suspensions or expulsions of children in preschools or child care starting in 2026.  This is a statewide and multi-agency effort with the goal to ensure effective and aligned trainings and practices at all levels of education, health care, human services, public safety, and workforce development.

Social Emotional health is key to children thriving later in school and in their employment efforts later in life.  When a child is expelled from a program, it has an incredibly disruptive and deleterious effect on their self and well-being.  They feel unwanted and unsafe.  And we know that feeling a sense of belonging and safety is key for children to thrive.  For years the data has shown that young children in early education settings are suspended and expelled at alarming rates due to challenging behavior.  According to a 2018 Government Accountability Office (GAO) report, students who experience exclusion are more likely to repeat a grade, drop out of high school, and become involved in the juvenile justice system.  What is needed to reach Oregon’s 2026 goal, and to support children in our state is social emotional supports for children, families, and providers.

The E3 Staff Cohort will be held on a weekly basis for 6 weeks.

Join facilitator, Satya Beneventi, Empower Parent Coach and Trainer, in this powerful coaching series.

E3 Cohorts are live, facilitated sessions via Zoom.