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Did you know that 75% of long-term job success comes down to personal effectiveness and soft skill mastery?

Did you know that soft skills are key in building successful relationships, emotional intelligence, and self-care?

Did you know that soft skills are highly trainable?

The six virtual workshops can be attended individually or in a series. Any workshop can be your starting point.

Complete all six and build your professional portfolio with a Certification of Completion.

LaunchPad Workshops are offered every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Times rotate between 12-1pm PST and 6:30-7:30pm PST.

Creating Your Professional Identity; Get clear on your own core values and vision for your best professional self.

Power & Accountability; Learn how to increase reliability and commitment through powerful changes in perspective and realistic changes at work.

Solution-Focused Thinking; Train your brain to be an effective problem-solver and your greatest asset to success.

Tools for Communication; Increase your ability to communicate more fully and effectively paving the way to personal and professional success.

Building Boundaries for Success; Transform your life by setting, practicing, and maintaining healthy boundaries.

The Everyday LeaderCultivate leadership skills regardless of your job title. Understand the relationship between thought, emotions, behaviors and how they drive outcomes in the workplace.