🚀 The LaunchPad Virtual Series

Did you know that 75% of long-term job success comes down to soft skills mastery?

Did you know that soft skills are key in building successful relationships, emotional intelligence, and self-care?

Did you know that soft skills are highly trainable?

This six-workshop series is based on highly-trainable soft skills.


🚀 The Self-Coaching Model; Change self-limiting beliefs to increase reliability and commitment
🚀Building Your Professional Identity; Strengthen attitude and commitment to your professional identity
🚀Working with Respect; Understand how the power of micro interactions impact the workplace
🚀Solution-Focused Thinking; Train your brain to be an effective problem-solver
🚀Succeed Together; Enhance collaboration, engagement, and flexibility
🚀The Fine Art of Listening; Increase your ability to communicate more fully and effectively

These six virtual workshops can be completed in any order.

Complete all six and build your professional portfolio with a Certificate of Completion.

LaunchPad Workshops are offered every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Times rotate between 12-1pm PST and 6-7pm PST.


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