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Taryn Johnson

Since a young girl, I’ve always had a curiosity and the deep desire to help people ~ In my teenage years, out of such curiosity in people, the mind, the ways of world and finding my place in the world, I began the exploration/study of psychology & religion/spirituality; leading me to take on studies in both within college. In my discoveries through many life lessons, travel & observation, classes & workshops, small-great impactful interactions with people of all walks of life; I discovered myself, and I found my passion and my place/role in the world. I believe that as individuals, we are here to experience joy, in abundance and live our lives authentically, fearlessly, and free from the judgement of others. I want to help people on this journey of finding ones true self and their place/passion in life, using that to also empower and uplift the next person.

As new journeys begin and end every day, we can find ourselves at points of stagnation or confusion- seeking a way out and forward; in which it is critical to have a strong, resilient and adaptable mindset. As an individual who has overcome and transformed through many challenging obstacles and grief- I have dedicated myself to the continued work in growing and transforming lives outside of just mine. Using my intuitive/empathic abilities as well as all of the tools, recourses & knowledge obtained throughout my journey, I wholeheartedly intend on assisting in the contribution in the rise of the positive vibration of the world.