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Taurie Rubaloff

Taurie is our new program manager for Empower, bringing over 20 years of experience in office management and focused expertise in organizational development from the last five years. A longtime resident of Southern Oregon, Taurie has deep roots in the community. She graduated from North Medford High and pursued higher education at Southern Oregon University, earning a Bachelor of Science degree and a Certificate in Conflict Resolution.

Taurie’s career is marked by her dedication to supporting organizations in the valley, helping them thrive through her comprehensive office management skills and organizational development strategies.

Taurie’s blend of professional acumen and personal passion for wellness makes her a unique and inspiring leader at Empower. She is passionate about aiding others on their personal and professional journeys, fostering practices that promote health, happiness, and success.

Taurie is an empathetic ally that understands the complexities of life and is committed to creating a safe supportive space for individuals to process their emotions and experiences. Her nurturing and insightful nature makes her a valuable resource for those seeking to improve their well-being and achieve their goals.  Her holistic approach emphasizes self-care practices that lead to self-discovery, helping individuals cultivate their own self-wisdom through a deeper understanding of themselves.

Taurie believes that bridging the gap through building strong relationships and connections with community partners, and community members, we will create pathways for long term success.