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Nancy Hauschildt

Nancy Hauschildt

Nancy is a former Registered Nurse turned Life Coach who specializes in supporting introverts. Nancy is an Introvert, Shyness, & Social Anxiety Coach. For the past 8 years, she has dedicated her life to studying brain science, leadership development, and the application of brain-based principles to her personal self-development and coaching practice. She holds an ACC certification through the ICF, trained at The Life Coach School, Accomplishment Coaching, and The Institute for Social and Emotional Intelligence. Additionally, she has advanced certification in faith-based coaching. Currently, Nancy is obtaining a second degree in Behavioral Neuroscience at ASU while coaching high-achieving introverted women through her coaching practice, Haus of Coaching, LLC.

Nancy loves coaching and teaching introverts, shy or quiet people to be great leaders both in their personal and professional life so they can show up with presence and confidence, and be seen, heard, and remembered.

Her mission is to coach, lead, & inspire, quiet and introverted leaders live more consciously, embrace who they are, and lead with their best assets so they are seen as a leader, heard with clarity, and remembered for their presence and contribution, that reflects their nature. For more information, go to

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