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Theo Morrison

Theo Morrison

Theo is a Certified Whole Person Coach, a Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, and an Internal Family Systems Level 1 graduate. He has 14 years of experience mentoring those seeking recovery from alcoholism. His experience as a coach, mentor and teacher has allowed him to help people of all age ranges and backgrounds. Clients report it is his compassion, grounded presence, and direct communication that make working with him so effective.

Previous to coaching, Theo worked for 20 years as a photographer, traveling widely while working with various individuals and businesses. As a photographer, he learned to see the world from different perspectives, open himself to other cultures, appreciate the beauty in everyday moments, and capture the essence of people and their stories. Theo brings this same spirit of curiosity, creativity, and empathy to his coaching work.

Theo believes that coaching is not just about achieving goals, but also about falling in love with the present moment and embracing the journey. The tools that Theo teaches to clients are designed to help them build confidence, resilience and self-awareness that allow them to thrive long after sessions have ended.

In his free time, Theo can be found with his family and friends, reading, enjoying the outdoors, or on retreat.