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Becoming a Mindful Leader

Self-awareness and intentionality are vital for cultivating effective leadership.

In this six-hour, two-part live, virtual workshop series, leaders will learn the neuroscience driving effective leadership and how to guide organizational change from a solution-focused platform. Participants will strengthen research-backed mindfulness techniques — learning to be present and compassionate, while truly being able to effect change.

Course includes three focus areas:

Becoming a Mindful Leader: Includes the neurobiology of mindfulness, defining mindfulness, relating mindfulness to leadership, tools for application.

The Solution-Focused Leader: Includes researched backed methods for creating a possibility mindset. Participants learn the power of thought and language, and develop a powerful skill set that guides individuals and teams towards finding solutions.

Coaching Skills for Leaders: Includes gaining a clear understanding of coaching, how to infuse leadership with coaching practices, and specific techniques that engage others in meaningful outcomes.

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