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Meet Rachele

  • Rachele realized that as an early educator, she was feeling like she was stuck in a rut and not able to experience as much joy in her work. 
  • About E3 (Empowering Early Education) she says,“I felt like I was listened to and had a judgement-free space.”
  • After completing the E3 (Empowering Early Education) series, Rachele encourages others to focus on the tools and to do the work, stating, “Because it’s worth it!”

Meet Sydney

  • Sydney recognized that as an early educator, in order to provide wholistic support to children and families, she needed the same type of support.
  • She took the E3 (Empowering Early Education) series which allowed her to use the information from the weekly sessions to “feed into her energy in the classroom.”
  • “I stared thinking about my values in my personal life, like wonder and magic. I stared looking for little ways to sneak in wonder and magic into the classroom. I started seeing such big smiles and engagment that was just so extended.”

Meet Cass

  • Cass lost her home in the devasting 2020 Almeda Fire, which caused her to give up a 16-year career
  • She became a Zone Captain working with wildfire survivors, but was “unsure of herself and her abilities”
  • Life Coaching has been “very effective in empowering me to be more myself, the self I was before the fire, actually better than the self I was before the fire. My confidence in myself has never been what it is now…    I would love everyone to feel the way I do after getting to go through the Empower program.

Meet Heather

  • Heather got fired from a job after 17 years and Her “heart was a little bruised”
  • She took the Launchpad series which helped lift her self-esteem, acknowledge the emotional part, but then set it aside and move into the planning part… and strengthen her confidence”
  • “Nothing but good came out of it for me, in the way I was able to think about myself, how I want to be and take steps to become the person I want to be and have the job that I want.” 

Meet Cara

  • Cara, a single mom, found herself in the midst of major life transitions.
  • She did 2 rounds of coaching and “cherished” the “practical advice in being able to set boundaries, steer my own self-talk, and how I interact with myself.
  • “You walk away with skills and resources and ideas for the issues that you’re dealing with… Really practical and empowering!”

Meet Shannon

  • Shannon is an entrepreneur and musician working in the health & wellness industry
  • She did Life Coaching and the Learning Well’s – Wings / Well-Being workshop 
  • This taught her how “to integrate our passions with an economic place”… to prepare me in a professional approach, but also from where my heart really wants to soar in the work I want to do”

Meet Christine

  • Chrisinte’s children were grown and “the second part of her life was like reinventing the wheel”
  • “I had no self-esteem moving forward and I was always so worried I was going to mess up or do something wrong”  
  •  “This program is really giving me the opportunity to be okay with me and it’s changed my life and continues to change my life. I’ve taken those lessons and turned them into this new me.  It was so empowering and confidence building and exactly what I needed when I needed it!”

More Testimonials

“I gained more self-awareness through coaching with Empower than I think I ever have had … I felt a much bigger and more profound change in myself that had nothing and everything to do with a job.”

“This has been about getting to know yourself and understanding yourself and helping and giving you ideas on how to help improve your mindfulness, self-worth, your inner voice, your awareness and giving yourself tools to help you grow and truly knowing who you are and what you want to achieve in life.”

“I took the entire LaunchPad series as part of my training as an intern and am absolutely blown away by the power and depth of the program. I can’t say enough about how amazed I was and how I now use the tools I gained daily. Thank you!”